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Our history

We have been serving the community since 1973

Originally called the ‘Carey Place Young People’s Information and Advisory Service’, Signpost emerged in 1970 when Dr Edwards, a local GP and juvenile magistrate, decided to help the large number of young people displaying mental health symptoms caused by boredom and dissatisfaction with home, school, work and life in general. He worked with the Senior Youth & Community Officer to establish a bureau which would offer both information and counselling to young people.

A Management Committee was formed comprising representatives from the many voluntary and statutory services already operating in Watford, including the Police, Social Services, Probation, Careers Service, Education, Samaritans, Citizens Advice Bureau, Magistrates Bench and Youth Service. The first training course, introducing the rudiments of counselling skills and how referral agencies worked, was run and 15 volunteers were recruited to deliver the service on three evenings each week. Youth & Community Services offered

Since then we have worked in a number of locations, including The Youth Connexions building in Lower High Street, sharing the Herts Young Homeless offices at the Parade and St Mary’s Advice Centre, all in central Watford. Since 2019, we have been sharing accommodation with Watford OneYMCA. Signpost is now a well established provider of mental health support for young people in South and West Hertfordshire.



  • Struggling at home?
  • Need support for yourself and your family at this challenging time?
  • Do you need help talking with your children about the crisis?
  • Or just a bit of space for yourself?